Tieakia Castro, Founder and CEO of TRES was born and raised in Paterson, NJ. A hardcore STEM girl, she fell in love with statement pieces, thus birthing her love for fashion. She began TRES as a hobby in August 2010. That hobby quickly blossomed into a full-scale online business. Since the inception of TRES, Tieakia has hired Sales Representatives across the country using fashion to empower women to take control of their financial lives and look good while doing it. With a Masters in Accounting, Tieakia used her accounting background to grow and scale her business. TRES was created to bring classic and trendy looks at an affordable rate to the everyday women looking to slay her day. The overall goal with TRES is to assist women in becoming their own boss through direct selling, while providing a seamless online shopping experience with a wide range of unique fashion and beauty products.

Tieakia holds a BS in Political Science & Accounting from Penn State University, along with a Masters in Accounting specializing in Audit. She has a lovely family, a husband, Jeffrey, and three beautiful children; Jayden, Jayla and Jayana, and 2 adorable dogs, a Silky Terrier; named Lexi and a Aussie, named Dior. She is an avid sports fan, and currently resides in Georgia.








Rockie Sapp grew up as a military man’s daughter. Because of this there was a lot of moving around in the early years of her life. While born in Colorado, she spent most of her childhood between Louisiana and Georgia. Having a very structured father and amazingly free spirited mother left her with, what she feels is, a nice balanced background. Rockie attended UGA for both marketing and broadcast journalism. She considers herself more of an “artsy” individual. Prior to joining as the Co-Owner/CEO of TRES she expressed herself as a Photographer, Muralist, Actress/Model and Anchor. Having appeared in television shows and hosting a handful of lifestyle based and entertainment news programs. She has a passionate love for makeup (both beauty and FX) and feels it is an art form and way of expression. She truly looks forward to spreading her wings and working with her great friend Tieakia to reach new and exciting levels with TRES and the TRES representitives. In addition to running TRES she deeply enjoys spending time with her amazing Husband, beautiful children and what she feels is the worlds best dog.