Q – What does the $24.95 membership fee cover?

A – The Membership fee covers the creation and maintenance of your own personal website, which will mirror our main website. There are no additional fees ever once this is paid.

Q – How are TRES Affiliates Paid? and how often?

A – Our TRES Affiliates receive their commission payout via Paychex (there is a $4 transaction fee to receive direct deposit).  All active TRES Affiliates will receive their commission payout on the 25th of every month, if this day falls on a Holiday or Weekend, the payout will take place the next business day.

Q – How does a TRES Affiliate know when a customer places an order?

A – All TRES Affiliates are provided with their own personal website, so customers should be ordering directly from their Sales Affiliate personal website link. When a customer places an order on one of our TRES Affiliates personal site the TRES Affiliate will receive an email notification that an order was received and they have earned $xxx for that order. Our TRES Affiliate also have an Affiliate Area. In the Affiliate Area our TRES Affiliates can see details of each order – who ordered, how much the order was, status of order, and how much was earned for that order.

Q – What are the requirements of a TRES Affiliate?

A – We ask that all TRES Affiliates join our Sales Team because they love fashion and because they want to gain Financial Freedom. Our Sales Reps only requirement is to have $100 in Sales monthly to remain active. Now note if you do not have a $100 in sales one month that is OK. We just ask that you keep pushing the following month. Our Average Sales Order is $78. So on an estimate it should take a TRES Affiliate only about 2 orders monthly to satisfy the requirement. The initial month that you sign up there is no sale requirement, but please note if you sign up on the last day of the month the next day (which is the next month) your requirement will start.

Q – Are there any additional costs to be a TRES Affiliate besides the initial $24.95?

A – There is no additional cost to be a TRES Affiliate. Your one time payment of $24.95 will be the only payment you ever make to TRES. There is a Paychex transaction fee (the fee is $4.00) that Paychex charge for each direct deposit.

Q – How can I advertise items that are available to purchase?

A – TRES Affiliates are able to use any of our photos and/or videos posted on our Facebook and/or Instagram pages. TRES Affiliates can also use the photos on their website to advertise. Our current TRES Affiliates primarily advertise on their Social Media Pages; Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are the more popular ones used.

Q – Are New TRES Affiliates trained?

A – Upon completion of your membership each TRES Affiliate will have access to our TRES Affiliate Section of the website to review our TRES Affiliate manual that have tons of information in there to get your business started. In addition to the manual TRES Affiliates will also have access to pre-recorded training videos. If you were invited to join by a Current TRES Affiliate that will be your Team Leader and they will always be there to assist you on your TRES journey.

Q – How much does a TRES Affiliate make?

A- This question really depends on the level of the TRES Affiliate and how much sales the TRES Affiliate had for that particular month. So TRES Affiliates can make anywhere from 15-30% commission based on sales level. A TRES AFFILIATE can also earn an additional 5-7% off any recruits that have joined the company. Plus our company also offer wholesale on select items in which the profit can be up to 70% on those items. So there are many different ways a TRES Affiliate can earn money. What we have noticed is the more dedicated TRES Affiliates usually earns more than 3x to other TRES Affiliates monthly.